The role of the wedding band and reasons why they’re still important

wedding bandThe humble wedding band and nooooo we’re not talking about that gold ring that will clasp a married person’s finger for eternity! We are however talking about that group of crazy cats that decide they want to perform music for one of the most important milestones in two people’s lives – Marriage. Do wedding bands provide a service that is still important in 2017 or are they really just there to drink your booze and eat your food??? Is the wedding band a relic of the past? If not, then what is it that do they really do provide?

Most people would say they provide wedding songs and they would be correct! As important as that is, this is really just one of the many roles that a wedding band provides.

So what else do they bring to the party????? Well a good wedding band should almost have a PhD in wedding receptions. One of the functions that they provide are they help to facilitate the running of a celebration. They understand the formalities of the celebration and they try to ensure that they are carried out at the appropriate times. If for example the event is running behind they will come up with a method of getting things back on track. The ultimate goal is to make things run smoothly and to take the stress out of the night for the newly weds.

wedding band

Stage lighting adding to the atmosphere of the evening

Atmosphere is another element a band brings to the party. They can really bring a sense of energy and excitement to the celebrations. Having a bit of coloured mood lighting and some funky background music all adds to the anticipation of what the evening will offer. Many people still enjoy the experience of seeing a group of musicians interacting together on stage; for many it is something that they no longer experience much and it adds that special factor.

The last function that we will mention is a great band should be able to read the crowd and cater a set of music that will get the audience involved. It sounds easy enough but the typical wedding can have anywhere between two to four generations of people in attendance! The classic party songs that everyone knows will be the ones that will get your dance floor pumping! These songs can differ from culture to culture and different demographics of course. Having a great repertoire of songs, a mixture of new and old, fast and slow ensures they can entertain all manner of guests. Many bands put their special ‘stamp’ on the songs making them feel alive and fresh. There is also plenty of behind the scenes work that they do, to ensure that the night runs without a hitch.


Atmosphere  Energy  Excitement
Performance & Repertoire of Wedding Songs
Making Evening Run Smoothly without stress
Ability to read the crowd and interact

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